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Symetrix Introduces Lucid 88192 Converter

January 1, 2006

Symetrix has introduced the Lucid 88192 converter, which supports eight channels of analog-to-digital, and eight channels of digital-to-analog conversion at sampling frequencies up to 192kHz.

The multi-format unit offers simultaneous connectivity for analog, high-speed AES/EBU digital audio, and SMUX2 ADAT Optical digital audio. An option port is included for future adoption of additional formats.

"The 88192 is the first of a planned series of product introductions that will reinvigorate the Lucid brand with our studio and broadcast customers," commented Dan Gallagher, executive vice president of global sales and marketing. "This converter will open a number of doors for us with new and existing customers."

The 88192 is also said to include some fairly sophisticated routing capabilities. According to Symetrix, through the 88192's intuitive front-panel menu scheme, inputs are easily routed to single or multiple outputs in both the digital and analog realms. Information, including active metering, is returned to the user in an easy to read vacuum fluorescent display. The front panel includes a push-button encoder and single button to provide all the tools for navigating menus and changing settings in the unit.

The 88192 also includes the Lucid low jitter clock technology, and helps users achieve better recorded results by incorporating the Soft Clip feature on the analog inputs. Supporting sampling rates up to 192kHz, the converter is expected to find its way into a number of critical production and recording situations such as studios, surround sound production, broadcast production, and mobile recording units.

"The Lucid name has always been tied to quality audio, and this product will continue that tradition" continued Gallagher. "We see a need in the market for a premium converter that is versatile enough to be used with a workstation, in a broadcast facility, or in a major studio environment. This one is ready for any situation."

More information at www.lucidaudio.com

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