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Studio Forums Celebrates 3rd Birthday

January 6, 2006

Studio Reviews sister site, Studio Forums, started in January 2003, celebrates its 3rd birthday on January 6, 2006. Studio Forums grew out of a need for interactivity for The Listening Sessions, which has become the largest project in the audio-recording industry for recording, testing and listening to gear — primarily, but not limited to, microphones and microphones preamplifiers. The Listening Sessions will be releasing an additional 1000 tracks of audio samples in 2006.

Since the Fall of 2003 Studio Forums has given away over $13,000+ worth of audio gear to winner's in the monthly giveaways from manufacturers including A-Designs Audio, ADK Microphones, Direct Sound - Extreme Isolation Headphones, Great River Electronics, Joemeek, Modular Acoustics, Peluso Microphones, Ultrasone Headphones.

In 2006 Studio Forums passed the 2000 member mark.


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