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John Hardy announces 500-series-format mic preamp

January 19, 2006

[ image coming soon ]

In recent conversations, Studio Reviews' editor Dan Richards was able to confirm and exclusively announce that The John Hardy Company is developing and will release a microphone preamplifier based on the John Hardy M-1 in a 5.25" X 1.5" module for the 500-series format lunchboxes.

Preliminary information obtained from John Hardy on the as-yet-unnamed 500 series M-1-based preamp includes:

It will be similar to the M-1 because it will have the same basic features:

1. The Jensen JT-16-B mic input transformer (which I consider the world's best mic input transformer).

2. The 990C discrete class-A op-amp.

3. No coupling capacitors in the signal path because of the use of (A): input bias current compensation circuitry and (B): DC servo circuitry.

3. There will be metering, probably a 10-segment LED bargraph (seven yellow, three red LEDs). There may or may not be a "ballistics" switch for the meter, and there may or may not be a "clip" or "peak" LED.

4. The output transformer will be the Jensen JT-11-DM, which is one size smaller than the JT-11-BM that I use in the M-1. Since the 500-series frames use lower power supply voltages than the M-1, the larger size output transformer is not required. I'm not sure if the output transformer will be an option or standard. There may be a bypass switch for it.

5. I will probably include a "20dB Pad" switch and a "20 Ohm Mic" switch in addition to the "HIGH GAIN" switch and "POL REV" switch of the M-1.

6. It will use the same illuminates switches that the M-1 uses.

Studio Reviews will release information and additional specs as the new M-1-based preamp develops and is released.

More info at www.johnhardyco.com

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