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LaChapell Audio announces 500-series 583 Tube Mic Preamp

February 7, 2007

Studio Reviews offers an industry first sneak peek of a tube pre with EQ for the 500-series format.

Merced, CA-based LaChapell Audio, makers of the acclaimed 992 TLS and 992 EG preamplifiers, develops world's first vacuum-tube preamplifier for 500-series format: The Model 583.

In the fall of 2006, LaChapell Audio began studying the feasibility of a true vacuum-tube-based preamplifier for the 500-series format. In January 2007 LaChapell successfully tested the first prototype unit (running within the guidelines of VPR alliance rules) incorporating a 12AX7A vacuum tube. Additional details will be available soon. The preliminary performance specs and product features include:

THD+N: 0.25% (50b gain)
Frq Rsp: 12hz to 40khz
Max Output:+26dbu
EIN: -126 (A-wtd) rg=150

3-band, ultra clean solid-state EQ
Two bay width chassis
Separate, fully variable input/output gain control
Hi-Z instrument input (transformer-less)
80% nickel-plated output transformer
Reverse polarity
Phantom power
-20db input pad
Input select
EQ by-pass
12AX7/ECC83 vacuum tube

Price and Delivery date: TBA

More info at lachapellaudio.com

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