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WK Audio Introduces EDIT DAW Controller

April 10, 2007

EDIT is the new hardware controller from WK Audio, designed for Steinberg's Nuendo Media Production System.

EDIT is the ideal solution for Nuendo users who require a compact, professional control surface focused on edit work and multitrack recording, rather than a complete mixing desk.

Derived from the popular ID Controller, EDIT shares an almost identical layout and construction with its larger brother but differs in that the individual function areas are optimized for editing and working with tracks.

Main Features:

* Extensive range of keys with LED indicators and track numbers to directly select Channels/Tracks or for important functions such as CUT, SOLO or RECORD
* Keys can also be used as a PC keyboard
* IP65-standard trackball included
* Frequently-used Nuendo functions can be accessed directly via the Edit Command buttons
* Large number of freely-assignable keys which are ideal for use together with user-definable Nuendo Key Commands
* Weighted 60mm dial for Jog, Shuttle and Scrub, as well as for diverse editing functions such as working with Trims, Fades and Zooms
* Extra keys to position and zoom events in the Nuendo project window are conveniently positioned directly around the dial
* Control Room Monitor section

For more information, visit their web site at www.wk-audio.de

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