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JLM Audio launches 500-series products

September 30, 2007

JLM Audio of Australia throws its hat in to the 500-series-format ring with several new products.

Dual99v500 mic pre uses two discrete JLM 99v opamps (New +/-16v version) as a 2 stage gain path to provide 75dB of gain with ease. It is aimed at getting big but realistic vocals and acoustic instruments. With the impedance control 200 to 3k it goes from dark and slow to airy and fast tone wise. A centre detent at Z is the best starting point.

TG500 mic pre is a 2 FET 6 transistor Class A design giving 75dB of gain. It is based on early NEVE, BBC, EMI gear simple transistor gain stages fully redesigned to includes heaps of extra useful features and to run on API+/-16v rails (run fully symmetrically so output head room is not lost and no DC to DC inverters are needed) Uses modern easy to get transistors and our custom audio transformers. It is NOT a EMI TG clone but to compare the tone to a EMI it is fatter, smoother sounding and has more clarity in the low mids than a Neve 1073. It is the go to pre for Electric Guitars. And if you want old school tone all over your recording that will gel it together without turning everything to mud this is the one.

Feature list of both Dual99v500 and TG500 in signal path order:
Balanced in Rack XLR which is switched to 1meg Fet DI input when jack plugged in.
48v phantom power switch with red LED indicator for rack XLR in.
(All below features work for XLR and DI input.)
Phase switch
20dB pad switch
Input transformer inline
Variable Impedance 200ohm to 3k with centre detent at starting Z point.
80Hz HPF switch with orange Led indicator
Gain switch in 12 x 5dB steps from 20dB to 75dB
Output trim pot with -5dB to 0dB range (with pot knob pulled out -90dB to 0dB range)
Huge output transformer
Internal jumper for output ground lift
Internal JLM 8 buss connector with jumper settings
DI jack is backlit soft blue so you can find it in the dark

HPM500 6PAK Balanced input mixer with switched panning and level control per input. Has ribbon cable input that plugs into the JLM Buss connector mic pre EQ and compressor modules. or you can wire the ribbon cable to the back plane to the 6 XLR output pins 2 and 3 if not using JLM modules. plugs into 10 IDC power ribbon cable for power. High power modified hybrid output amps can drive even the most difficult headphones to clean maximum output level. Also HP output is perfect for sending a mix be recorded. (The extra knob to the far right is part of the listening setup in our test lunchbox. Not part of the normal mixer)

The PEQ500 is a full EQP-1A type circuit but with 8 extra low frequencies and 5 extra high frequencies. The Q (bandwidth) control for the high boost bell curve can go twice as wide as a normal Pultec and it can also do one thing I have never seen on any other Pultec or clone do. Pushing on the Q control will switch the high boost to a shelf with the Q control still varying the slope going into the shelf.

More info at jlmaudio.com

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