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A-Designs Audio shows Hammer tube EQ

October 11, 2007

The HM2EQ Hammer is a vacuum tube-equipped, dual mono channel, three band, analog equaliser. It features a unique filtering system that allows the even harmonics to flow through its 12AT Philips tubes filtering out unwanted noise.

The unit is housed in a 2U metal chassis with an aluminum faceplate and features a toroidal power transformer. Each channel features identical controls, including switches for bypass, high cut and low cut, as well as six large aluminum rotaries for the EQ section knobs for the LF (30/50/100/200/300/400), MF (250/500/1.2k/1.6k/2k) and HF (2.5k/3.5k/5k/7.5k/10k/15k) bands, plus accompanying knobs offering 13dB of boost/cut for each frequency range.

Connections to and from the product are accomplished on the rear panel via a pair of balanced Neutrik XLR input jacks and pair of balanced XLR output jacks.

More info at adesignsaudio.com/hammer.htm

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