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New Purple Audio 500-series products

October 12, 2007

Purple Audio (Long Island City, New York), makers of the popular MC-77 limiting amplifier and Biz 500-series mic preamp, have announced new products for the 500-series format.

Action FET Compressor
A FET compressor reminiscent of the MC77. Designed to work in standard "500" racks.

* Input attenuator feeding input transformer
* Output level control
* Input and output tricolor LED metering
* Eight LED GR metering
* Five ratios including "All buttons in" mode
* Attack and Release controls
* True Relay Bypass
* Stereo Linking
* Compression on/off switch
* Discrete signal path

For easy serviceability and tweaking, the Purple discrete opamps can be replaced with any standard discrete opamp or a DIP-8 IC.

* Total Gain: 45dBu
* Ratios: 2:1, 4:1, 12:1, 20:1, …:1 ("All buttons in")
* Attack time: Continuously Variable from 800 microseconds to 20 microseconds
* Release time: Continuously Variable from 1.1 seconds to 50 milliseconds
* Input impedance: 600 ohms
* Output impedance: 600 ohms

Cans Headphone amp
A Discrete Headphone Amp. Designed to work in standard "500" racks.

* Discrete signal path
* Capable of driving the most demanding phones, down to 50 ohms
* 10kŠTransformer balanced input
* Individual channel cuts
* Channel swap
* Channel sum to mono
* Precision matched stereo level control
* Current consumption: 70mA

For easy serviceability and tweaking, the Purple discrete opamps can be replaced with any standard discrete opamp or a DIP-8 IC. The output amp stages in the Cans are modular, but cannot be replaced with any other opamp.

Odd Induction EQ
A four-band inductor-based EQ. Designed to work in standard "500" racks.

A modern update of the classic "swinging inputs" console EQ, with four easy to use bands. Each band uses a high quality inductor and carefully selected caps to give two switchable frequencies. The bands are carefully shaped and spaced to be musical, even at full 12dB boost or cut. The highest band can also be switched from bell to shelf, to boost frequencies extending well beyond 20kHz.

There are illuminated pushbuttons for additional fixed low (red) and high (yellow) cut filters. A relay true bypass (green) allows for easy comparison with unprocessed source material. With the low and high cut switched out, and all four bands set to 0, the frequency response is +/- 0.25dB from 15Hz to 25kHz, and -3dB at 60kHz.

With specialized input and output transformers, the Odd has plenty of headroom, even at full boost. The entire circuit is discrete, with no electrolytic capacitors in the signal path, and no servo amps. With only two active stages, the current draw is low enough to work in any rack, and leave plenty of juice for other modules.

Pants Micpreamp
A four opamp, diferential mic preamp. Designed to work in standard "500" racks.

The smooth Gain control helps you dial in the sound you want. If the output level is too high, you can ride the level down with the separate Level control. Pressing the "High" switch increases the gain in the first opamp pair, increasing the maximum gain setting to +75db.

With different Gain, Fader, and High button settings the Pants can produce many different tones with the same amount of output level. The front panel DI goes through a FET buffer into the input transformer, adding an extra dimension to the sound of the preamp. Two LEDs clearly indicate signal level for the gain and output stages at a glance, turning green to indicate signal present, yellow for 10dB below clipping, and red for clipping.

For easy serviceability and tweaking, the Purple discrete opamps can be replaced with any standard discrete opamp or a DIP-8 IC. The Pants uses our custom output transformer which provides two isolated outputs (when supported by the chassis).

Sweet Ten 500 Rack
10 Module 500 Rack.
Internal Linear Power Supply
+/- 16VDC 1.8A
+48VDC 150ma
Second Balanced Output Utilizing -2 & Link Pins (For Purple Audio Preamps Split output & Compressor linking)
Front Handles
Locking Female XLR connectors (Not worth mentioning unless you have used other 500 racks)
9th Slot capable of accepting the Purple Audio Moiyn (8x2) Mixer Module
Switching 115/230 Volts. 50/60hz
Regulation to 100VAC Mains Capable
CE, ROHS, & WEEE Marked

More info at purpleaudio.com

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