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Telefunken USA Introduces RM-5C Ribbon Microphone

October 25, 2006

San Francisco, CA, October, 2006: At the recent AES 2006 Convention in San Francisco, Telefunken USA introduced the company's first ribbon microphone, the RM-5C. Telefunken states that the new mic, designed by Jerry Silvia and David Browning of Silvia Classics Microphones, represents a technical breakthrough in ribbon microphone construction. Using cutting-edge magnetic materials and innovative acoustic design, the output characteristics of the RM-5C are said to be better suited for modern recording techniques than traditional ribbon mics. It offers a highly directional cardioid pickup pattern, elevated output levels and wider frequency response for matching up well with any high quality mic preamp.

The Telefunken USA RM-5C was physically inspired by the classic RCA BK5, but is not a copy of that microphone. Using the original mid-20th century design as a starting point, Silvia Classics and Telefunken USA updated the older ribbon design using advanced materials and modern technological developments.

More info at www.telefunkenusa.com

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