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New Extreme Isolation Headphones released

November 8, 2007

From Direct Sound, the makers of EXTREME ISOLATION headphones, comes a brand new, much improved version of the model EX-29, an industry leader in isolation headphone technology,

The new, upgraded EX-29 is now identified with distinctive gold lettering. The improvements are not just cosmetic. The most important improvement is the new specially designed 500 mW ultra-fidelity speaker drivers. Not only can they handle additional power, but the fidelity is superb. The model EX-29 is now suggested for critical mixing. In addition to the new drivers, a repairable input jack with a screw-on type jack adaptor is now standard

What's new? Two additional passive sound attenuating headphones are a welcome addition to the family, the EX-25 and the HP-25. The model EX-25 attenuates an average of 25 dB, 4 dB less than the model EX-29. The ear cups feature handsome silver lettering. The speaker drivers in the model EX-25 can also handle 500 mW of power input and incorporate the repairable jack with screw-on type jack adaptor.

The model HP-25 is a speakerless model requested by many of our customers and clients. The ear cups feature distinctive white lettering. They are ideal hearing protection for practicing music and other excessively loud events requiring safety from hearing damage.

More info at extremeheadphones.com

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