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Pearl introduces OM 16 omni small condenser microphone

December 1, 2005

Independent Audio, exclusive North American distributor for Pearl Lab, of Astorp, Sweden, has introduced the Pearl OM 16, an unusually small omnidirectional microphone. The Pearl OM 16 boasts a very flat frequency response with a boost from 5 kHz to 12 kHz of 3 dB at 8 kHz.

The transformerless circuit design requires 48-volt phantom power, and employs a dual membrane, rectangular capsule. The list price is $550.

Fraser Jones of Indepent Audio commented:"Pearl Lab microphones are, unfortunately, the best kept secret in the recording industry. Pearl's innovative use of dual membrane, rectangular capsules, and uncompromising natural sound astonishes listeners with its sound quality and natural air. It is our goal to demo the range of Pearl Mics to as many people as possible so that their spectacular sound will be appreciated.

More information at http://www.independentaudio.com/CDCatalog/HTML/pearl.html

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