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A Designs new 500-series preamps

March 25, 2006

A-Designs Audio proudly introduces four new 500 Series-compatible microphone preamplifier modules - the P-1, EM-Red, EM-Blue and EM-Silver.

Inspired by A-Designs Audio's highly successful Pacifica microphone preamplifier, the P-1 captures the unique sound of the 1970's Quad Eight Ventura, Coronado and Pacifica consoles. Sporting a cream colored face plate and bright red cast aluminum gain knob, the new module includes a 1/4-inch Hi-Z direct inject input for instruments, 48V phantom power with red LED indicator, -20dB pad and phase switches, custom wound input and output transformers, and thumb screws for easy installation.

The EM (Erickson/Montessi) Series, comprised of the EM-Red, EM-Blue, and EM-Silver modular microphone preamplifiers, are all variations of the P-1, each featuring its own distinct tonal character.

The EM-Silver possesses an identical feature set to the P-1, aside from employing a different output transformer. The EM-Silver's custom wound output transformer has an all-steel winding, which produces a dark, warm tone that proves to be a classic complement to ribbon microphones. When tracking via the DI input, this module also excels on keyboards, bass guitar and kick drum.

The EM-Blue, with its high nickel wound output transformer, conversely generates a much brighter, airy tone. This preamp unit is ideal for use with darker sounding microphones or instruments that require a crisp sound, such as a snare drum, while the DI is particularly well suited for electric guitar use.

Aside from utilizing the same 50/50 output transformer as the P-1, the EM-Red has a modified custom wound input transformer that delivers a slightly different sonic character by bringing the 'mid levels' forward. This module produces spectacular results when recording acoustic guitar with a condenser microphone, as well as on other instruments where midrange tonal accents are desired.

All four preamplifiers feature a US list price of $850.00 (per module) and are now available through select dealers worldwide.

For more info visit www.adesignsaudio.com

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