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New modules from AMS Neve

March 30, 2006

AMS NEVE announced 3 new modules at the Musikmesse: the 8803, a dual channel EQ; the 8804, a fader pack; and the 9001, their first ever Valve module, a dual channel. All three units share the 88 range characteristics of recallable setting and USB interfacing with your computer. The 8803 is a 1U rack, featuring a dual channel EQ based on the 8108 design with enhancements (frequency and Q ranges) and filter. Balanced inputs with +/- 20dB trims, 12 dB HP filter (25Hz-300Hz corner frequency), 12dB LP filter (3kHz to 15kHz corner frequency). The EQ: selectable shelving, switchable Q on high and low bands, continuously variable Q on the mids. The selection of the frequencies are continuous in the ranges 33Hz to 440Hz, 120Hz to 2kHz, 0.8kHz to 9kHz and 1.5kHz to 18kHz.

The 8803 is both a tabletop unit and a 3U module rack. it's AMS NEVE answer to a common demand for their 8816 summing mixer: "Can I add faders?". So 16 long throw faders comes in, which modify the 8816 somewhat, as the channel level pots now becomes auxiliary sends. each direct outputs from the 8816 can be pre of post fader in the 8804.

The 9001 is a 2U rack, features 2 preamps and drive stages and a passive EQ. Each channel can be configured a mic, instrument or line input, as also in series for extra gain or more valve distortion. The EQ is a three broadband with push action switched potentiometers to set the frequencies. The EQ can be bypassed totally. You can fit in an optional ADC with output 44.1 to 192 KHz and dedicated DSD outputs.

Price and availability TBA.

More info at www.ams-neve.com

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