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Dynaudio Adds BM 5P Monitors to BM Series

April 10, 2005

Dynaudio Acoustics is launching the BM 5P, a new passive nearfield monitor that delivers transparent sound and high performance at an affordable price. The 2-way passive monitor operates within a frequency response of 50 Hz 21 kHz, and is equipped with a 170mm (6,9") woofer and 26mm (1") soft dome tweeter. Dynaudio Acoustics redesigned the exterior to adapt the BM 5P for the existing BM Series, with a small footprint making it well-suited for project studios, edit suites, broadcast vans, and other situations where there is little room for the monitor set-up. Dynaudio Acoustics made no compromises when designing the new BM 5P; all woofers and tweeters are manufactured in Denmark, and have been put through the same thorough inspection that all Dynaudio drivers have to pass. BM 5P benefits from Dynaudio's customary choice of pure aluminum for the voice coils, enabling greater linear movement and high reliability, without any compression. Just like the other members of the BM family, BM 5P delivers crisp and transparent sound ensuring the most realistic listening conditions for a wide variety of applications. Together with the newly released BM 9S subwoofer from Dynaudio Acoustics, the BM 5P makes an excellent choice for stereo and 5.1 set-ups.

BM 5P follows in the wake of its active counterpart, the BM 5A, which has enjoyed an immense success due to a very convincing price/performance ratio. Dynaudio Acoustics really managed to break the barrier between high-end quality and affordability with this active nearfield monitor the passive BM 5P will most certainly continue the positive trend.

The BM 5P is expected to ship in May 2005.

For more information, visit their web site at www.dynaudioacoustics.com.

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