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Vintech Introduces 609CA Compressor/Limiter and 273 Dual Mic Preamp

April 22, 2005

The newest members of the Vintech family are the 609CA compressor/limiter and the model 273 dual mic preamp with essential EQ. The 609CA is based on the classic Neve 33609 compressor/ limiter but features all discrete, class A output amplifiers as well as continuously variable attack controls on both the compressor and limiter circuitry. List price of the 609CA is 3495.00.

The model 273 offers two class A, all discrete, transformer balanced mic preamps as in the X73, along with "essential eq" on each channel. List price of the 273 is 2195.00.

In celebration of these two amazing new products Vintech is offering a limited time pre-order special.

For more information visit www.vintechdistribution.com

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