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Studio Vocalist Ribbon Microphone from Crowley and Tripp

May 12, 2005

Soundwave Research Laboratories was founded in 2004 to manufacture and sell innovative acoustic devices for professional audio, studio recording, and scientific applications. Now in production are their Crowley and Tripp Microphones, which are being sold direct from their lab.

The Studio Vocalist is a full size ribbon microphone built to modern recording standards, hand-crafted and tuned in the U.S. According to the company, the Studio Vocalist has a higher output than most popular dynamic microphones. This new level of efficiency in design and performance is made possible by the Crowley and Tripp custom designed ribbon motor. The precise acoustic and magnetic properties of the ribbon motor provide a smooth, rising response that gives the Studio Vocalist a unique sound that can be used on everything from amplifier cabinets to lead vocals.

Unlike many studio microphones, the ribbon motor provides a more flexible bass and midrange response through use of the proximity effect, where lower frequencies are boosted when the source is close to the ribbon, and attenuated further away. This ability to customize low and midrange response provides you with flexibility in many applications, but is particularly useful for recording vocals, where a little boost might be needed to fatten a vocal track.

For more information visit soundwaveresearch.com

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