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CharterOak Makes European Debut at AES Barcelona

May 20, 2005

CharterOak Acoustic Devices, a subsidiary of Connecticut-based CharterOak Entertainment Group, will be making their European Debut at this year's AES convention in Barcelona (Booth #2414).

CharterOak Acoustic Devices has been producing studio microphones in the U.S. for the last two years, releasing our flagship microphone, the SA538 to the public in the spring of 2003. The company spent over a year developing the microphone's sound and striking design, then an additional year of in-studio testing by producers and engineers. The results of CharterOak's intense research and attention to detail are now beginning to pay off. In the last six months there has been a steady increase in the interest of our products overseas and felt it was time to bring the SA538 along with the newly released SA538B and the highly anticipated S600 to the global market.

Visitors to AES will have the opportunity to view and audition CharterOak microphones on site to experience first hand the quality of our hand-assembled and inspected microphones. On the SA538, CharterOak's VP of marketing commented, "Everyone that's auditioned this mic has immediately fallen in love with it. Our presence at AES will cause Europe to fall in love with it too."

At the show will be the SA538 dual diaphragm condenser utilizing the center terminated S-1 capsule; the SA538B, a side-address dual diaphragm vacuum tube condenser microphone which employs the side terminated S-2 capsule type; and the S600 front address vacuum tube condenser sold in pairs which employs the S-3 capsule. The S600 is ideal for use as a stereo overhead pair on the drum kit. The result is non-sibilant cymbals while picking up all of the transient peaks of the snare and tom-toms. The extended bass response of the S600 makes it a suitable choice for recording bass guitar and its particularly smooth treble response makes it a perfect choice for recording bright electric guitars.

For more information visit CharterOak Acoustic Devices at www.charteroakacoustics.com

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