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Brauner Introduces VMX Microphone

June 11, 2006

Brauner Microphones has debuted its high-end tube microphone, the VMX. The VMX combines robustness, valency and craftmanship with the sound quality of Brauner's flagship microphone, the VMA, to make the VMA's sound characteristics accessible to a wider range of users.

The original VMA, which was developed with the help of some of the best American sound engineers, provides the user with both the classic VM1's authentic character in sound and the actual VMA mode. Equipped with these two fully independent sound characteristics, due to its manufacturing effort, the VMA is a cost-intensive investment. Therefore, until now, this microphone was affordable for a small circle of users only.

The recently introduced VMX is a single microphone with the VMA's sound characteristic, which means giving users with smaller budgets the chance to gain full access to the sound character of the VMA. Even proud owners of a Brauner VM1 now have the possibility to gain access to the VMA's sound character, without purchasing an additional VM1 when buying a VMA.

The VMX is available in two versions: In the standard version, the VMX possesses freely adjustable directional characteristics and is supplied with the same accessories as the VM1. In the "lite" version, the VMXlite similar to the VM1lite is equipped with the two directional patterns--omni and cardoid--and a simpler microphone spider than the large models VMA and VM1 feature. Like the VM1lite, the VMXlite version is expandable and can be upgraded to the regular VMX version.

Like all Brauner microphone models the VMX is generally equipped with a special sound conductor, exclusively manufactured by Swiss company, VOVOX.

More info at www.brauner-microphones.com

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