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Violet Design Microphones Opens US Office

June 23, 2005

Juris Zarins (left), Designer and CEO of JZ Recording Equipment and colleagues.

Violet Design, based in Riga, Latvia, has formed Violet Design Microphones America and has opened US offices in Encino, California for the sales and support of Violet Design microphones and JZ Signature Line of microphones in North and South America.

The JZ Signature microphones, simply numbered JZ1 through JZ6, are well known to the audio-recording market, as they were previously branded by BLUE Microphones. The Violet Design products are all new and have been designed in the last year and a half by designer Juris Zarins.

Violet Design Microphones America CEO, Ralfs Niedra, comments, "I've known Juris Zarins for twenty years, and have had a working relationship with him for ten years. He is a genius when it comes to designing microphones and audio equipment. It is his passion. And now he is only selling his designs under his own brands, Violet and JZ. There are no longer, and will not in the future, be any other companies in the world putting their brand on JZ designs. Now it's time for people to know who has really been behind the designs of these great microphones from Latvia."

All Violet Design and JZ Signature products are designed and patented by Juris Zarins, are handmade in Latvia, EU and come with a five-year warranty. Violet USA receives shipments of Violet and JZ products on a weekly basis in California, and all North and South American orders are shipped from the US. JZ Recording Equipment is the owner of Violet Trademarks. JZ has being enjoying excellent sales in Europe, and currently has 60 employees and is in the process of moving into a new factory built to employ 150 people to meet the growing market demand.

For more information visit www.violetusa.com

Contact Information:

Ralfs Niedra, CEO
Violet Design Microphones America
Phone: 1 (310) 801-9525
Toll Free: 1 (800) 330-2434 - Sales Department
Fax: 1 (818) 501-8672
E-Mail: sales@violetusa.com

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