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Great River Debuts MAQ-2NV Mastering EQ

July 21, 2006

Great River Electronics is proud to announce the availability of the new MAQ-2NV, a stereo mastering equalizer based on the much-respected EQ-2NV. Built to satisfy personal requests from mastering engineers who have heard the EQ-2NV, it features the same Class-A inductor-based circuitry, with extended high and low frequency ranges. The MAQ-2NV also features EQ gain switches, linkable channel control, and very low frequency high pass filters.

Each channel's four EQ band gain switches range in 1/2 dB steps from 0 to +/-3dB, and 1dB steps from +/-3 to +/- 8dB, and each band has separate pushbutton bypass switches. There are Left and Right channel bypass switches, the channel high-pass filter frequencies are 15, 20, 25, 32, 40, and 50 Hz, and the Link switch sets both channels from the left channel controls for identical EQ curves.

The same investment-grade components and extremely high quality build standards of the entire Great River Electronics product line are carried through in the MAQ-2NV, and it is available through Great River's Professional Audio Dealer network. MSRP for the MAQ-2NV is $5330.00 and it is now available for shipment.

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