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BIAS Peak 5 shipping

August 11, 2005

BIAS is excited to announce the release and availability of Peak Pro 5 - the most feature rich Peak upgrade ever produced.

This latest and greatest edition of the award-winning product offers many enhancements and powerful new features including:

* Completely redesigned playlist with graphic waveform view, user-configurable list view, slip & shuffle modes, move & trim tools, user-definable playlist units & snapping, nudge controls, crossfade auditioning with pre and postroll, new workflow keyboard shortcuts, playlist bounce with POW-r dithering and sample rate conversion, and DDP 2.0 fileset Export (optional)

* 100% Redbook Replication-ready integrated CD burning with ISRC support, PQ subcodes, and CD-Text

* VST and AU Instrument support in Vbox and inserts

* VST and AU Instrument playback via a dedicated keyboard window, from an external MIDI keyboard, or from a Mac keyboard

* Ability to enter MIDI keymap info with note names (e.g. C4) instead of just numerically

* VBox SE 2.0 - now supports Audio Units plug-ins

* Enhanced Audio Unit preset support with load/save buttons and bypass control

* Adjust plug-in parameters while recording through plug-ins

* Freq-4 v.2.0 EQ plug-in - features a greatly enhanced user interface, improved metering, and more

* Auto plug-in latency compensation

* New and improved high-quality DSP algorithms for Change Pitch, Change Duration and Sample Rate Conversion

* Advanced new algorithm for real-time sample-rate-conversion during playback

* Additional DSP items including Envelope from Audio, RMS Normalize, Strip Silence, and Auto-Define Regions

* RMS calculation added to Find Peak... DSP command

* Normalize in dB or Percent

* ImpulseVerb includes an updated user interface and now offers gain control for both impulse response and source

* Recover Audio File command enables users to recover some damaged files

* New Region Split command makes the region creation process fast and easy

* Snap to (CD frames, Sony PS2, Microsoft Xbox, Custom)

* Professional tape style scrubbing

* Batch File Processor now enables the preservation of file resolution and type

* Support for Unicode, allowing the use of non-English file names

* Support for file names longer than 32 characters

* Record files up to 10 GB (10GB per-session recording automatically split across 5 2GB files)

* Edit history in document contents drawer

* New tiling windows functionality automatically tiles as documents are opened.

* Advanced new waveform drawing algorithm enables more audio phase information to be seen in the audio waveform display

* SMPTE HD units and CD Frames time units has been added to the time display

* New "Hide All Audio Documents" feature

* Support for filename extension hiding

* Increased number of recently used documents from 8 to 12

* Increased maximum number of open documents from 200 to 500

In addition, Peak Pro 5 includes an updated version of SFX Machine LT - a powerful special effects real-time plug-in - and a special trial edition of discWelder Bronze from Minnetonka Audio which allows burning 5 DVD-Audio discs, and more!

More info at www.bias-inc.com

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