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Heil Releases New Proline Dynamic Mics

August 12, 2005

Building on Bob Heil's extensive history as a product innovator, the Heil Proline mics all feature large diaphragm dynamics and neodymium magnets. The series consists of the PR-20 handheld mic, the PR-30 internally shock-mounted mic and the PR-40 wide bandwidth mic. The line is designed to offer extraordinary performance, delivering incredible deep bass response, ultra smooth mid-range and an extended, but gentle, top end. These properties make the mics appropriate for a wider variety of applications than typical dynamics, including recording, live sound lead vocal and voiceover for broadcast. Joe Walsh, of the Eagles and James Gang fame, was one the prime beta tester for the Proline mics.

Keeping with Bob Heil's lifelong track record as a quality leader, Heil microphones are assembled in Southern Illinois at the Heil facility using high-quality components and top-notch craftsmanship. With a natural sound quality belying their affordable price, the microphones of the Heil Sound Proline series are capable of not only outperforming current comparable dynamic microphones and ribbons, but also many condensers costing many times more. The smoothness of the Heil mics makes them a valuable addition to any microphone arsenal.

The PR-40 incorporates the Heil DM 6 large dynamic element, offering a flat response from 28Hz to 18kHz with an engineered mid-range rise for enhanced vocal articulation. The Heil PR-40 features a unique copper-wound voice coil and neodymium magnet structure that creates a magnetic field ten times stronger than the traditional microphone magnets. This coupled with a low mass quilted aluminum diaphragm, produces tremendous low-frequency response with very low distortion. Previewed at the NAB 2005, Bob Heil's innovative PR-40 was honored with trade magazine Radio World's "Cool Stuff" award. The PR-40 offers the widest bandwidth of all the Heil Proline mics and ships with an all-metal stand adaptor, a wooden storage box and Heil cleaning cloth - a package suitable for microphones costing many thousands of dollars. It comes is a cherry wood box with the Heil exclusive Teflon-lined, all metal mic clip. MSRP for the PR-40 is $325.00 USD. An optional shock mount, the SM2, will be available for MSRP $94.00 USD.

Similar in appearance to the PR-40 is the Heil Sound PR-30, the internally shock-mounted version of the Heil end fire large diaphragm dynamic mic. This microphone is designed primarily for broadcast voiceover, and has an innovative sorbothane shock mount system to prevent low-frequency thumps or bumps from traveling mechanically up the stand or boom arm. That makes it an ideal live sound stand mounted mic. The PR-30 also produces a wide frequency response, excellent transient response and low intermodulation distortion (IMD), through the use of a special magnet structure and a large (1 1/8-inch), low mass, aluminum voice coil assembly. A special phasing plug assembly ensures a very linear cardioid pattern and reduces the proximity effect while achieving extreme articulation across the 40Hz - 18kHz frequency response. The PR-30 ships with an Heil-exclusive Teflon-lined, all-metal stand mount. MSRP for the PR-30 is $289.00 USD. An optional shock mount, the SM2, is available for a MSRP of $94.00 USD.

Following a 20-year Heil Sound tradition, the new PR-20 was engineered for natural speech articulation without the need for heavy electronic equalization. With a similar wide frequency response, excellent transient response and low IMD, as the other models in the line, the PR-20 also incorporates a special phasing plug assembly that ensures a very linear cardioid pattern and controlled proximity effect while achieving extreme articulation across its 40Hz - 18kHz range. The superior low handling noise of the rugged PR-20 is achieved by mounting the very wide frequency response dynamic element into a special sorbothane shock mount system. The low handling noise and exceptional lack of bass-boosting proximity effect make the PR-20 ideal for professional live sound applications. The PR-20 will ship with metal mic clip. The MSRP for the PR-20 is $160.00 USD.

All Heil Proline mics are now shipping.

More info on these products at www.heilsound.com.

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