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Dynaudio BM5A Active Monitors
Reviewed by Dan Richards

Posted by "GawsDigitalUnderground" at vsplanet.com

Dan Richards was nice enough to offer to ride down to my studio today with a Jeepload of Monitors..Actually he brought the Mackie HR824's, Dynaudio BM5A's, and the 6's..We also compared them against my Behringer Truth's.

This is just my personal opinion of what I heard today..Take it for what it's worth comming from me!

The Behringers vs the Mackies..There was a difference. I won't say that the Truth's were better, but I can't say they were that much worse either..Dan and I both pretty much agreed that if you factor in the price difference, we didn't hear that much improvement to warrant paying $1,200 for the Mackies, vs, the $400 for the Truths...Now if money isn't a concern, I wouldn't hesitate buying the Mackies over the Truths. The Mackies seemed to have more low end, and were abit clearer. But $800 worth? I don't know. Seems like a good Eq between the recorder and the Truth's, and you'd have the Mackies..But that's just my 2 cents.

Now, the Mackie HR 824's vs the Dynaudio..Well, what can I say, not really in the same ball park to my ears..The Dynaudio BM5A's just rocked..Tight focused bass, not muddy. Crystal clear high's, etc, etc. I was really impressed. We ran some of my mixes through each and with the Dynaudio's, you could hear clearly the reverb trails, the sizzle in the cymbals, and everything. Things that I couldn't hear with the Truth's, and the Mackies were right up there in the BM5's. What can I say, I'm buying the Dynaudio BM5's..

It would have been great to get to spend a couple of weeks with both sets of monitors, and got to do some actual tracking, and mixing with them, but for a short days listen, the Dynaudio's seemed like the clear winner of my moolah..

What we auditioned:

Behringer Truth
Mackie HR824
Dynaudio BM5A's
Dynaudio BM6A's

I agree with the studio owner, GAWS. I thought the Truth's sounded like they were muffled. I didn't hear any real improvement when comparing the Truth's to the Mackie's. The Mackie's had more low-end - and a little better separation of instruments, but not by much. And I couldn't justify the $1200+ cost of the Mackie's over the $399 cost of the Truth's.

Next were the BM5A's. Immediately there was a noticable difference. With the 5A's I could easily hear details of the program material that were not at all evident on the Truths or the Mackie's. With the 5A's I could hear all the reverb tails, the top of the snare and cymbals, and overall clear separation of instruments. The bass was tighter but still full.

I think the model numbers Dynaudio gave the 5A's and 6A's is a little confusing – and some people might think the 6A's have 6" woofers and the 5A's would have 5" woofers. Not so. The BM5A's and BM6A's both have 6.89" woofers. 5A's have 50W amps on tweeter and woofer. 6A's have 100W amps. The 6A's have the BM series styling. The 5A's have the AIR series styling.

The 6A's sounded near to the 5A's until we turned up the 6A's louder. That's when the 100W amps showed the 6A's to have more horsepower. But for the small size control room the 5A's more than do the job.

In the end, we thought the 5A's [ also considering price ] were the best tool for the job. At under $900 the 5A's kicked the $1200+ Mackie's to the curb. The owner is buying the 5A's.

One of my pairs of personal monitors are Dynaudio AIR 15's with a Benchmark DAC1. So, I'm used to that $3000+ monitor sound on a daily basis. The 5A's deliver the same type of sound [ clarity, imagery, depth, no ear fatigue ] in a smaller package.

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