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Pro Studio Reviews is an electronic publication for the recording-studio industry, and a continuation of our sites and publications that have been online since 2002. Technology has been changing rapidly, with mobile devices, cloud computing, and social networking allowing for a greater potential for real collaboration. The social aspect in which we interact electronically has shifted.

We've been publishing information on the web for over ten years with over seven million visitors at Studio Forums, Studio Reviews, The Listening Sessions, and The Project Studio Handbook. Pro Studio Reviews will be making the best and most relevant content from those sites available, as well as providing new articles, news, and reviews.

We want the content at Pro Studio Reviews to be compelling, interesting, and to make the readers' life and experience in their recording studio more fulfilling and rewarding. It's our mission to be part of a rising community of higher-quality recordings and inspiring music.

Dan Richards, Editor
Pro Studio Reviews


Ronan Chris Murphy
Recording Boot Camp
Ronan's Recording Show
Veneto West

John Scrip
Massive Mastering

Bruce A. Miller
BAM Audio School

Greg Blaisdell
Rack Recording

Glenn Bucci
Revelation Sound Studio

Swell Perry
Skypad Studios

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Tonelux Designs

Peter Janis
Radial Engineering

Doug Robinson

Rob "Gonzo" Gilliand

Marc "M2E" Smith

Kane D. Williams

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