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Brauner releases Phanthera and Phantom Classic microphones

May 19, 2008

Brauner is now shipping their Phanthera and Phantom Classic microphones.

Phanthera and Phantom Classic are now being offered in a basic edition that comes with elementary accessory equipment only, thus, accroding to Brauner, reducing the cost while still providing these two FET microphones as the heart of each package. The basic-editions can be upgraded at any time to the full versions with an optional upgrade kit.

In conjunction with the release of these new basic versions, Brauner has completed and re-launched their fully revised website. In the revised product section you will find more detailed information about the complete Brauner microphone family. In addition the website now features a brand new "Info & Media" section, where Brauner presents interesting multimedia content like pictures and statements as well as information about the company's product philosophy and answers to frequently asked questions.

For more info at braunerusa.com.

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